Breath-Taking Silver Fire

The Silver Fire isn’t threatening our town directly, but it does send smoke our way often. Makes it difficult to breathe.  These photos are from the one day when the wind didn’t come our direction and gave us a different breath-taking view.

silver smoke bwIn the color shot, I can feel the heat and smell the smoke.

silver smoke 2

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7 Responses to Breath-Taking Silver Fire

  1. Frank says:

    Both are very dramatic but the first one really shows the scale of the fire. Well done!

  2. jia apple says:

    nice shots. crazy fire.

  3. smallpebbles says:

    Was in Silver in May then stayed in retreat outside the city. With those winds can imagine how bad the smoke must be. Hope it clears up soon so everyone can breathe deeply again!

  4. Aspen says:

    Chokes me up and not just because of the smoke.

  5. Terrifying! Stunning photos but very frightening. We have wildfires here in the Languedoc, but nothing like this.

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