Rattlesnakes & Me

I hike a lot in the desert and there is always the possibility of coming too close to a rattlesnake.  So I’m careful.   The dog has had rattlesnake aversion training and the anti-venom shots.  Two days ago we walked along a paved road that is no longer open to vehicular traffic.  And we went early in the morning.  And yet, on the way back there was a snake in the middle of the road – very visible.  So at 6:45AM I saw my first rattler of the year.  I think I was expecting some sort of moratorium since I was out so early, but of course, these days the temps are in the low 70s overnight.  Probably perfect for a snake.  It was stretched out and moved only its head – watching us.  I kind of wanted to test the dog’s aversion, but she never saw it.  Sat with her back to it.  And I was hesitant to prod the snake – not sure what direction or how fast it would go.  So I still don’t know if snake aversion training works.

rattler at dump 1

The first rattlesnake we saw.

There was another time friends and I encountered snakes (yes, plural).  Without dogs, we were digging through an old CCC camp dump in the desert to find old bottles and crockery.  It was a November morning – quite cool.  We were dressed in long pants, boots, and sweatshirts.  After an hour or so, I looked at a rock right near my feet and saw the rattler.  Quite a shock.  Thankfully it was a cool morning and it was just wanting to wait for the sun to warm it up a bit.  Very lethargic.  As opposed to me – my heart was racing.  I shouted to the others that there was a snake.  Not a minute later, another snake was seen – this one more visible and still just wanting to warm up.  We haven’t been back there since.

rattlesnake 2

The second snake. As if we needed to see a second one.


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2 Responses to Rattlesnakes & Me

  1. MK Ray says:

    Snake might have been there on the way in too and they are so well camouflaged you didn’t see it. While walking behind husband one morning I watched as his footsteps walked right over a little round-coiled rattlesnake. It didn’t move and he didn’t see it. So that came out all right.

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