Tree Squirrel

And I call it a tree squirrel just to differentiate it from our local rock squirrels.  This one was seen in Sycamore, Illinois.  I was supposed to be photographing a house where my great-grandparents lived, but this guy distracted me.  And these photos are better than the house shots.
tree squirrel 3tree squirrel 2tree squirrel 1So cute when they are someone else’s pests.

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Egyptian Theater

egyptian theaterDeKalb, Illinois, USA.

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Mountainair Door

brickwork bldgMountainair, New Mexico, USA.

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Deep in Thought

In that way of a 12 year old.


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Common Affliction

But only on Saturdays.
we buy stuffOregon, Illinois, USA.

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Rock Wren

In Chloride Canyon we watched a small bird repeatedly go into a crevice between rocks with an insect in her beak.  My knowledgeable friends knew it was a rock wren.
rock wren and bug

Here she’s ducking into the nest.
rock wren in nestrock wren and nestI would not have looked for a bird nest in those rocks.

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Colorful Glasses

More from the Pink Store, Palomas, Mexico.
glasses rainbowglasses paintedglasses blue 2

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