Just Trash Now

Once it was important, now it’s just trash.
just trash now

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4 Responses to Just Trash Now

  1. kathy claycomb says:

    I am still going through the contents of my parents’ file cabinets, so this photo kind of resonates with me. Most of it IS “just trash now” but much of it brings back memories of trips, old friends long gone, former residences, etc. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just set it out for the garbage truck, but every so often something comes out of a file folder that would be interesting for future generations, or for the “Genealogy” file.

    • Oh, I do understand that. Dad saved ALL his cancelled checks – starting in the 1930s! I did look through them – found the ones that paid hospitals for our births, and few other gems. It’s those precious ones that make it worthwhile.

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