Box Turtle

The red eyes identify this turtle as male.

From my Monday morning walk in Mescal Canyon:  After years of walking in this canyon, I saw a Box Turtle there for the first time.  It was in the shade on the walk out, so I was eager to see it on the way back when the sun would have been high enough brighten the scene.  On my return, I found only tracks leading to a pile of rocks.  Strangely, the tracks are as pretty as the turtle.

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4 Responses to Box Turtle

  1. Aspen says:

    A rare treat there, I know ! Here we see so many crossing the roads we do turtle rescues, pulling over and very carefully helping them across. I’ve heard that due to encroaching urbanization and dwindling wetlands, turtles are having to go farther to find a mate. If they are seen crossing a road it is suggested to help them continue in the direction they are going. Otherwise they will just try again.

    I love the tracks photo !!

  2. Very cool! The tracks are indeed make a very interesting photograph.

  3. We are on currently searching for some turtles for our backyard. . . .

    Thanks for stopping by!

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