Harbinger of Spring

In some northern places, the sighting of the first robin indicates Spring.

Our harbinger here is the vulture and today I saw my first turkey vulture of the year.  Of course, when the vultures return, it means it’s time for the sand hill cranes to be leaving on their migration to Alaska.

I love the signs of changing seasons.


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1 Response to Harbinger of Spring

  1. Aspen says:

    In NM I loved it when I heard the Sandhill Cranes coming in in the Fall and seeing the first buzzards in the Spring. In Ohio we have the Turkey buzzards too ! It was so great to see them, like a piece of NM had followed me here. Another sign of Spring are the Blue Heron. I work near a pond where the Heron have their nests located at the very top of the pine trees. Quite a sight, seeing them standing up, way up there. Wish I had a telephoto lense !

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