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Stone Building

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Mystery Mark

We found this mark on a horizontal rock near Ramah, New Mexico.  It’s about 4 or 4 1/2″ across.  The hole in the center isn’t very deep, probably less than an inch.  Our best guess was the mark left after … Continue reading

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Stone Cattle Ramp

This was an interesting ranch by the road south of San Lorenzo, New Mexico.  Most of the fences were made from pipes.  And this cattle ramp was made from stone with pipe rails.  I’ve never seen a stone one – … Continue reading

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Stone Corner Post

I saw this stone corner post near Globe, Arizona last month.  The rocks are enclosed in a wire cylinder.  Great use for all the rocks found on the land!  It does look like rough land to fence. I’ll add this … Continue reading

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Kansas Rock Fence Posts

Driving south through Kansas – near the geographical center of the 48 states, I saw these fence posts made from rock.  You use what you have.  Many homes and buildings in the towns were made from this same kind of … Continue reading

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Stoned on Rocks

We had spent most of the afternoon picking up small pretty rocks and petrified wood.  Afterwards, sitting around the table at Paula’s we spread out our finds.  We examined, compared, and admired our treasures. When offered some refreshments, I declined, … Continue reading


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