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In Memoriam: Soles – Part Four

Today I want honor some of my favorites:  a beautiful bobcat, an unlucky vulture that lingered too long over carrion in the road, a slightly dramatic ground squirrel, and a low-flying duck.  

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Sidewalk Cafe

Zion National Park, Utah, USA.

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My little mutt, Cassie, spotted this cutie and let me know it was in the tree. Las Conchas Trail, Jemez mountains, New Mexico, USA.

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Tree Squirrel

And I call it a tree squirrel just to differentiate it from our local rock squirrels.  This one was seen in Sycamore, Illinois.  I was supposed to be photographing a house where my great-grandparents lived, but this guy distracted me.  … Continue reading

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Sola Camping

Is Sola checking the oncoming rain?  No, just keeping an eye on those pesky squirrels.  Linking to Camera Critters.

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