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In Memoriam: Soles – Part 5

A few more dearly departed souls who did not cross the road fast enough.  Except for the cicada who died from natural causes.

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In Memoriam: Soles – Part Four

Today I want honor some of my favorites:  a beautiful bobcat, an unlucky vulture that lingered too long over carrion in the road, a slightly dramatic ground squirrel, and a low-flying duck.  

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In Memoriam: Soles – Part Three

This post honors more feet from recently deceased creatures.  Part One is here.  I offer you the feet of a squirrel, a small bird, and a somewhat dried frog.

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In Memoriam: Soles – Part Two

Part Two of the series on feet of the dead.  This time a Great Horned Owl, a lizard, and an armadillo.  Part One is here.

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In Memoriam: Soles – Part 1

This is my new series of photographs memorializing roadkill by their feet.  And some weren’t roadkill, just dead.  The first photo planted the seed.  The only porcupine I’ve ever seen was dead at the side of the road.  It had … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Roadkill

I don’t know if these green chiles felt pain when they hit the road, but I certainly was saddened by this carnage. Interstate 25, New Mexico, USA.

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Porcupine Soles

  Roadkill is a blog topic I have not written about – until today.  I saw my first porcupine – unfortunately quite dead.  But its feet were so cute – almost like human’s animal slippers – complete with the hole … Continue reading

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