My little mutt, Cassie, spotted this cutie and let me know it was in the tree.
Las Conchas Trail, Jemez mountains, New Mexico, USA.

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Trail Camera Part 2

Not all the trail camera captures are wildlife.  I have learned that I have a half a dozen feral cats visiting the water dish (set out for the birds).

Some very pretty cats.
Last night this black cat was being followed.
By these two.
That prompted me to call the local Animal Control.  We are going to set traps, so I can get the females spayed.  We don’t need more feral cats.  On the positive side, this one (maybe the mother cat) caught a mouse last night.  Balance.
I guess feral cats count as wildlife, but I wasn’t expecting so many.  Who knows what tonight will bring.


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Trail Camera

I live near the edge of our small town.  There’s a little open land around me, but also houses, a school, and a hospital.  In my yard I’ve seen foxes, deer, cottontails, and signs of coyotes.  I decided to buy a trail camera to see who came by at night.

I bought mine here (I am not paid for the endorsements, but I like the company and the camera).  I set it up only at night and near a water dish.  If I ran it in the daytime, I would get hundreds of photos of doves.

Here are some of my captures:

Foxes – always one of my favorites.

Sometimes two foxes.
And then there are always too many skunks, even if it’s just one.  They do like the fallen apricots.
And sometimes there are confrontations.  Skunk and cat.
And then there are the raccoons.  I’m not surprised that they are here, but I have never seen one.  Evidence tells me they are in my yard two or three nights a week.
The coyotes that leave ‘calling cards’ in the yard have not been caught on camera.  The most frequent animal is the feral cat.  I’ll put them in the next post.


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Headless Bluebird

I have lots of tail shots of this bird, but not one of it emerging from the nest or any that indicate that it has a head.  I just have to assume that it does.
Near Mountain View, New Mexico, USA.



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On a small, old barn.

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Lark Sparrow

A short camping trip near Ramah, New Mexico gave me this beauty.

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