Why I Love the Internet

Way before the internet my Mom bought a White sewing machine in 1939. I learned to sew on it and still use it.

I went to mend jeans on it the other day and it didn’t work. The motor sounded good, but the wheels weren’t moving. I found a small rubber disk that was worn and hardened that no longer made contact with the wheel. After 84 years a part had stopped working. Within 5 minutes online I found it was a pulley and could be ordered for $9.

I am astounded that a replacement part was available and that I could find it so easily. Really made my day!

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6 Responses to Why I Love the Internet

  1. Tom Claycomb says:

    Now that is really cool! Customer support from another company – I’m assuming White is no longer in business.

  2. Diane says:

    Love those classic, simple machines!

  3. Proof that they don’t make anything today like they used to. How amazing that you found the part so easily!

  4. Kim J Visscher says:

    wonderful story.  it's great when an appliance can be repaired. so rare


    Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 7:18 AM

  5. sunnyharvy says:

    Bravo! Those old machines are still the best. I have owned a vintage featherweight Singer for over 50 years. Bought a new machine a couple of decades ago thinking about using fancy stitches, sewing knits, etc., but it’s almost useless.

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