Elephant Butte And Sailboat

Elephant Butte Lake State Park, New Mexico, USA.

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12 Responses to Elephant Butte And Sailboat

  1. Zoewiezoe says:

    Awww – I clicked it open expecting (and hoping) to see elephant butts. Darnit.

  2. Terrific shot. Have you ever hiked up the butte?

  3. Timothy Price says:

    The Butte out of water.

  4. Wandering Toes says:

    We have been going to Elephant Butte for a few years now. The lake continues be become lower and lower each time we visit. The campgrounds there are really nice and we consider it one of our favorite places.

    • It all depends on the time of year – they release water during the summer for irrigation. And then did we get good Monsoon rains? No, not this year. Did they get a good snow pack in the north? Not so much, so it’s low year. I do like the campgrounds too.

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