In Memoriam: Soles – Part 1

This is my new series of photographs memorializing roadkill by their feet.  And some weren’t roadkill, just dead.  The first photo planted the seed.  The only porcupine I’ve ever seen was dead at the side of the road.  It had the cutest feet.
I feel sorry for those animals whose brains cannot imagine the speed and size of vehicles.  This is my tribute.  Part One.

Small gray/brown bird.

A quite desiccated small lizard.

A roadrunner – two toes forward, two toes back.

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9 Responses to In Memoriam: Soles – Part 1

  1. Diane E Levitt says:

    I like it

  2. ambfoxx says:

    Such a perfect memorial to these animals. Their strange, beautiful, functional feet. Their connection to the earth. The steps they took in life. I think the shoes of deceased people have this same echo–a kind of story in them.

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