Snow Fences

Loved the lines and shadows of these snow fences in Wyoming.  It did surprise me how far they are from the highway (the ones that are parallel to the road).
Highway 135, Wyoming, USA.

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6 Responses to Snow Fences

  1. kocart says:

    Drifting snow in Wyoming has nothing to stop it for miles–here, they have placed snow fences based on years of experience with snow drifting around those hills. I remember snow fences along the roads in Wyoming when I was a young kid. That was a long time ago–apparently, it’s still the best remedy. In places with more rain, strategic shrub and tree plantings stop the snow, but here the preventive measures are more plain to see.

    • Thanks. All the different lengths and angles puzzled me. Now I understand. I did see many times where they had planted three rows of trees to make a living snow fence in Wyoming. Hope it works.

  2. KimJ says:

    I remember seeing “snow fences” when we sent to Colorado when I was 10. I grew up in Texas and didn’t have a lot of experience with snow, but I still couldn’t imagine that those little tiny snowflakes couldn’t get through the holes in those fences!

  3. The point of snow fences is not to stop the snow but to slow the wind and make the snow drop. The drifts then have room to build up between the fence and the highway. At least that’s what I’ve read and what I saw in Iowa as a child, where the wind always blows when it snows.

  4. seabluelee says:

    I was guessing what “kocart” explained…that the fences are placed where experience has shown them to be most effective at keeping snow from drifting onto the roads. Interesting fence design, too – they look very sturdy.

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