Mystery Bicycle

On a lonely gravel road leaving town.  Will we ever learn the story of this bike?  Or will we have to create it?

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7 Responses to Mystery Bicycle

  1. John Linn says:

    Perhaps the riders is still mounted but below the soil.

  2. ambfoxx says:

    Love the previous comment. I can’t top it. The position is puzzling, otherwise. If it fell off a truck, I can’t imagine it getting so perfectly planted.

    • I heard about it two days ago and it was still there yesterday. A little bit disturbing – it’s a very nice bike. I thought too it might have fallen off a truck and they didn’t notice. But I agree with you, how could it land like that?

  3. KimJ says:

    very mysterious; glad you got a shot of it

  4. sunnyharvy says:

    Did you dig down to see if anybody was sitting on it? HaHa

  5. seabluelee says:

    You will let us know if you find out, I hope. I’m surprised someone hasn’t just taken it. It looks like a nice bike.

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