Trail Camera Part 2

Not all the trail camera captures are wildlife.  I have learned that I have a half a dozen feral cats visiting the water dish (set out for the birds).

Some very pretty cats.
Last night this black cat was being followed.
By these two.
That prompted me to call the local Animal Control.  We are going to set traps, so I can get the females spayed.  We don’t need more feral cats.  On the positive side, this one (maybe the mother cat) caught a mouse last night.  Balance.
I guess feral cats count as wildlife, but I wasn’t expecting so many.  Who knows what tonight will bring.


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3 Responses to Trail Camera Part 2

  1. robert87004 says:

    I lived in an old adobe for a number of years and always had pests until I put out water and scraps. those feral cats would hang around and were the best pest control ever. this was after the town where I lived had no interest in controlling the population, short of killing them.

    • And that pest control is so important – most of the pests are food (and attractant) for snakes. I’m now getting the cats accustomed to the traps and will set them Monday night. I’d like to get them all neutered. We do have a limited TNR (Trap Neuter Release) program.

      • robert87004 says:

        yes, those feral cats would even go after snakes, all in a group effort. at the time Bernalillo didn’t have a program like that.

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