I try to resist picking up rocks as I hike, but some days I am not successful.  My rule now is that I must photograph some of the rocks or I can’t take them home.  I can identify only a few:  the bubbly black ones are manganese and the round ones are moki balls.

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7 Responses to Rocks

  1. ambfoxx says:

    Those bright yellow ones are amazing. Says she who has a few too many rocks. Moki balls are cool. I can see why you picked them up.

  2. klh048 says:

    I always have a rock or two in my pocket when I come home from a walk – not usually as colorful as those. My window sills are filling up.

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  4. seabluelee says:

    I love rocks and have a box of special ones that I’ve hauled across the country and back – twice – as I’ve moved. And I pick up more on every trip to the beach. I’ve never heard of moki balls before and googled them to learn what they are. So interesting! Now I want to find some myself. Maybe on my next trip to the desert….

  5. I wonder if the mustard-colored one below the manganese below the very white one at the top is chert. . . . Oh my goodness. Since I wrote that sentence, I’ve looked up moki (moqui) balls. I have found iron balls embedded in the sandstone bed of Ohio’s Vermilion River. They have to be related somehow! So glad I went poking around your blog today! And so glad you pick up rocks, too, and that you posted their photo, Donna.

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