Pink Flamingo

Handmade metal pink flamingo teasing the cholla.
pink-flamingoHillsboro, New Mexico, USA.

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5 Responses to Pink Flamingo

  1. kocart says:

    I put two of these in my yard to annoy my neighbors after they annoyed me. Then I found skeleton flamingos to put out for Halloween–they are the best thing ever. But the old pink flamingos remain because someone had to do it. Your post made me smile! I am not the only one who likes these birds.

    • I have an old plastic one that came with my house. It’s quite faded now. I think I may paint it – either the traditional pink or maybe turquoise. It lives here. I love the idea of the skeletons!

  2. ambfoxx says:

    Love the way the shapes and colors interact.

  3. seabluelee says:

    For several years my brother-in-law and a friend of his have been gifting each other with the most outrageous pink flamingo objects you can imagine. It began when one put a pink flamingo in the other’s yard as a joke. They each have quite a sizeable collection by now. I love your idea of a turquoise pink flamingo! It makes me laugh just to think about it. 🙂

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