Just a Fence

pole-fenceEl Morro National Monument Visitor Center, New Mexico, USA.

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4 Responses to Just a Fence

  1. kocart says:

    Do you crop to get your wonderful compositions, or do you frame what you see in the camera? Either way, this image is perfect.

    • I often crop photos – they seem need a different shape or I want to exclude some element. This one I didn’t have to crop, but I did take several from different distances and angles.

      • kocart says:

        I do too, but not until after trying to capture the scene I see in my mind by framing the photo. Both methods are very valid but somehow I’m glad this one came out of the camera that way. It demonstrates your vision–the thing that prompted you to take the picture. And you have a wonderful sense of beauty.

  2. seabluelee says:

    That’s a neat fence. I love the way the plants make a sort of fence of their own, too. And that white fluffy stuff? I don’t know what it is, but it sure makes a pretty filler.

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