Full Moon

I went camping for a week, mostly in an area with no cell service, no internet.  Lots of time to watch the sun set and the moon rise.  I highly recommend it.
full-moonEl Morro campground, New Mexico, USA.

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9 Responses to Full Moon

  1. 1nmbirder says:

    Very nice! Isn’t El Morro awesome!? I have a hard time getting the detail you did on moon shots. Good job!

  2. sunnyharvy says:

    Fantastic photo Donna. Are you telling me that you took it with an automatic setting? That must be one heck of a camera! Of course your excellent eye for composition makes it even better!

  3. robert87004 says:

    1980, driving I10 to Tuscon, a truck stop in the middle of nowhere and a full moon rose over a bluff. 3 years later I moved from Wisconsin to New Mexico, it was love at first moon rise.

  4. A very beautiful image Donna-wonderfully done!

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