Interstate v. Route 66

I’m not a fast driver in my old RV, but I thought I’d get on I-40 to save some time. Got off on the next exit – too many trucks going way too fast.  Not what I wanted. Here’s a view of I-40 from old 66. I’m happily camped at El Malpais National Monument. Far from traffic. 

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4 Responses to Interstate v. Route 66

  1. Fles says:

    I’m a big fan of motorways (or interstates, as you know them) – they keep all the industrial, commercial and other hurried traffic away from the back roads so that I can relax and enjoy them as I travel at a more leisurely pace..

  2. Deena Levitt says:

    much nbetter

  3. seabluelee says:

    Excellent decision!

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