Mora Barn

If only there weren’t ‘No Trespassing’ signs (and on a busy road), I could have stayed at this barn for hours taking photos.  But I didn’t – just got those I could from the road.  Sigh.
mora barnMora, New Mexico, USA.

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11 Responses to Mora Barn

  1. seabluelee says:

    Wonderful barn, beautiful setting!

  2. Jackson says:

    Mora is definitely a place I would NOT consider trespassing! It sure is beautiful, though, and this is a beautiful photo of it.

    • Thanks. How is Mora different on the trespassing? I almost never go where it’s posted. But I would sure like a better look at this.

      • Jackson says:

        I don’t trespass either as a rule, and I was being a little facetious. But Mora has a long-standing reputation of being very wary or even hostile towards outsiders.

      • That is good to know. They definitely don’t encourage even roadside shots – there’s little room on the shoulders to pull over! I still had a great time there.

  3. kathy claycomb says:

    That photo is absolutely stunning!

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  5. This is really colorful and beautiful! 🙂

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