Laundry, Shadows, & Corrugated Iron

This shot has it all:  laundry, tree shadows, and corrugated iron.
shadow laundry

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13 Responses to Laundry, Shadows, & Corrugated Iron

  1. conspicari says:

    Great image, love the colours.

  2. Sherry Galey says:

    The colours and composition here are very appealing!

  3. 1nmbirder says:

    Love this one. I love all the different lines leading the eye.

  4. graydaysandcoffee says:

    Great eye that you “saw” this photo. Really strong lines and composition. Such funny randomness made into a great photo!

  5. kocart says:

    This is marvelous. You have the eye, truly, and I have recommended your site to other photographers. You have a fine sense of what to include and what to leave out. I love your work.

  6. I do not what it is about hanging laundry–it is at once an intimate peek into someone’s life, yet an everyday activity for many. I love the composition here and the color-it is a wonderful image-

  7. vera ersilia says:

    Exactly. They said it already. Great image. Counterpoint of man-made and nature. The tree moves while everything else is static. The adobe home anchors it all.

  8. kathy claycomb says:

    Corrugated iron going BOTH WAYS!!! This is truly a great photo! I LOVE it!

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