Spartan Mansion

Isn’t spartan mansion an oxymoron?  But this is an old abandoned trailer – a Spartan Mansion, made by Spartan Aircraft Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
sm labelClassic aluminum lines.
sm backDon’t know if the door knocker is original, but I like it.
sm knockerAnd the damage on this gives it almost a face.
sm rear sideNot licensed, probably not for many years.
sm license holderAnd so it sits among other reject vehicles.  Still has its classy dignity.


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7 Responses to Spartan Mansion

  1. John Linn says:

    Tears from the taillights. Must have been proud when in its prime.

  2. graydaysandcoffee says:

    cool subject matter and i like the angles at which you shot!

  3. Sarah Leamy says:

    Could you bring it up here so i can restore and live in it? Pretty please?

    • That would be so cool. It’s a bit trashed inside, but not as bad as I expected with the windows out. Do you have a place for it? How hard could it be to move it! I hate having it just sit there and deteriorate. 🙂

  4. dorannrule says:

    It is not going places, but it beautifully speaks of where it has been. Your photos have given it life.

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