Medicine Bags

She’s been gone for over a year.  No one knows where.  The utilities were turned off long ago; she was a hoarder – decrepit house full of trash and belongings.  Including her medicine bags.  I fear she is lost.  But I couldn’t leave these to be bulldozed tomorrow.
medicine bags

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7 Responses to Medicine Bags

  1. vera ersilia says:

    A magnificent photo. A life we shall not know.

  2. 1nmbirder says:

    I couldn’t have either….

  3. Donna………your photo “Medicine Bags” just left me full of questions and a wanting to know more of the back story. Who what when where and how? Perhaps there is a story here…..monos en theos †††..jasL

  4. kathy claycomb says:

    Lost in so many ways. How tragic. And tragically beautiful photo.

  5. This is poignant image and eassy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. vera ersilia says:

    The turquoise lost glove matches this photo! Coincidence or destiny?

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