Old Barn

Warning: there will be more old barn photos.  It’s a subject I cannot resist.
barn 1

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11 Responses to Old Barn

  1. Yvonne says:

    Bring ’em on!

  2. I like this one – I have a thing about buildings you can see all the way through. Looking forward to more barns!

  3. kathy claycomb says:

    Yes, bring ’em on! There are so many various styles. Do you have any photos of the barns in Illinois, the ones with what looks like an 8 x 12 garden shed on the roof ridge? I’ve seen lots of Midwestern barns with round cupolas, and square louvered cupolas, but I’ve never seen any with such big room-like cupolas.

  4. karenrsanderson says:

    I have a “thing” about barns. The older, the better. I’ve done a few watercolors of barns.

  5. crookedwolf says:

    You should visit Tennessee then 🙂

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