Leo Neufeld

It’s so nice to see plein air painters, and it was especially nice to watch Leo Neufeld painting on the streets in town last week.  He did a fine portrait of a fire hydrant outside of Studio de la Luz on Broadway.  He often does wonderful portraits of people as you can see on his website.
leo painting 2He listens to music as he paints (especially calming when he’s near traffic noise); his left arm conducting the orchestra it seems to me; his right arm translating the movement to the paintbrush.  He steps back for a different perspective and moves in again – a wonderful dance.

His work will be shown at Rio Bravo Gallery next month.  I don’t know if the fire hydrant painting will be there.  I hope so.
leo painting 1
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA.








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4 Responses to Leo Neufeld

  1. Victor Ho says:

    Ok. But I think your image and the wall is more interesting than the hydrant. Concrete vs abstract.

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