Pallets in Snow

snow pallets 1a

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8 Responses to Pallets in Snow

  1. kocart says:

    Stark and very cold. Like most of us right now. Maybe we need a little “butterflies and kittens” moment, just to remember what Spring was like–nah, I like this picture.

  2. Judy Barnhill says:

    This is lovely Donna.

  3. John Coleman says:

    Must say, Donna, I do appreciate your work. So often, it seems, there is an undercurrent of peace, which I constantly need. Thanks, sister. John

  4. kocart says:

    Your banner at the top makes a perfect counterpoint to this picture. It looks like a methane flare in a Wyoming winter-scape. I just make do with Amaryllis blooms–they add a splash of color to the unrelenting white outside. We should be done with this in about May!

    • I often forget how long winter can last in some places. For me, if I hadn’t gotten out the day it snowed, it would have been gone. Sometimes it lasts several days. Talk to me in June when it’s over 100 for a week or two.

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