Cassie Is Three

My rescue mutt, Cassie, is three years old and has been with me for two years.
cassieShe is a tough hiker.  I was a little concerned after I brought her home that with those short legs, she might not do well with the rough country we hike in.  cassie on shaleShe has mastered rocks and cactus – well, usually.  That low under-carriage does pick up a few spines now and then.
cassie ash cynShe loves water, shallow water.  I have yet to see if she can swim.
cassie rr cynShe is highly skilled.  Here’s a shot of the rare Corgi Flycatcher.
cassie flycatcherShe is beautiful and funny and energetic, yet a champion napper.  Makes me laugh.
cassie sleep 1Look for a rescue pet – they are the best.  Check your local shelter (where I found Cassie) or check out

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11 Responses to Cassie Is Three

  1. SherriS. says:

    She’s a cutie! I love these shots of her.

  2. It is so much fun to have a dog and the right dog
    is a great companion. I picture how much fun it would be hiking over that beautiful brown terrain
    around you with her frolicking along. I bet you talk to her like she is a person. She looks like a tough little gal and she may save your life someday. I hope not!
    Back in the sixties there was a World of Disney television show on called “Little Dog Lost” starring a Corgi. I really like it and downloaded a bootleg of it from the Internet a couple of years ago. It’s not available to buy but I wish you could see it since you have a Corgi. I am sorry I never made it to T or C and was reading about it in Wikipedia and was surprised how small it is in population. I guess the name change in the fifties paid off and I think few people would remember Hot Springs, NM. Your posts have me wanting to go West on these rainy, cloudy days of winter in the South. Happy hiking in the land of eternal sunshine.

    • Thanks Terry. It’s so good to hear from you. What new? I’m planning a long road trip to Illinois for a family reunion next summer – might be my last long trip. They are exhausting. And there’s plenty to see within a couple of days of here. What’s keeping you busy?

  3. Aspen says:

    HAPPY 3 YEARS, CASSIE ! She is your version of Lassie, Donna. Wonderful friend / companion.

  4. Mary Katherine says:

    Oh, that last picture- what a hug trap!!!!

  5. dharmaanchor says:

    What a perfect companion! That last shot is too adorable.

  6. Terry Beck says:

    I spend my time aiding my 95 year old Dad, who lives alone a couple of miles away, playing with my 2 year old granddaughter, working on hobbies, fixing things, dreaming of trips out West and eBaying. My days are filled with eager anticipation of getting my chores dines so I can get to my projects. I stopped working three years ago and somehow I still don’t have anymore time. I did go to NM, AZ and CO this summer with brother Don. We stomped around the ruins of one old tourist stop in Texas that we had been too a few times before on 66. A large old rusty mailbox had a treasure inside that I had the luck to discover. This particular roadside zoo had an attraction for raccoons with glowing blue eyes that I hac read about in the Route 66 history books. The wooden lining in the old mailbox was cut from one of the advertising signs that the tourist trap had used. It was hand painted and the wood was cut from an old door. The painted side faced down in the mailbox and helped preserve the colors They had painted in red and black letters and on a yellow background the words, ” EXOTIC COONS.” It is a bit rough but I was excited to find this piece of history from place and time I enjoy reminiscing about. I plan on framing it to display. When you head to Illinois, make your way East on 66 but cutting NE at Oklaoma City toward the KS and MO border. Most of it is a divided 4 lane and traffic is quiet. It is a great section of the old road. The Blue Whale and Red Oak 2 are just a couple of neat spots along the way. Don’t slow down on your trip taking! Push, Push Push, plenty of time for rest later. I would really love to take my dog and camper and go West again this spring. If I come up with a couple of extra $1000, I will. This comment was all about me,sorry, but you asked for it. I enjoy our infrequent communication.
    Happy Holidays,

  7. Terry Beck says:

    I wrote this poem a few years ago about the roadside zoo I mentioned. I hope I haven’t sent it to you before. Terry

    Exit now the sign reads
    A mile in the sky
    Lela’s just waiting
    For you to drop on by

    Reptiles by the dozen
    Rattlers, boas and the like
    Caged and tamed and handled
    By Addie and her brother Mike

    Step right up and see ’em
    Drop your quarter in the cup
    Behind this door’s a show
    To make your hair stand up

    We caught ’em in the wild
    And we saved ’em from the zoo
    Just so for 2 bits
    We could show ’em to you

    They’re venomous and deadly
    they’d kill you if they could
    We’ve got ’em in the back
    Under wire and wood

    The big one there’s a cobra
    He’ll spit in your eye
    His name is “Methuselah’
    He won’t ever die

    There’s toys ‘n tomahawks and tepees
    For sale in the store
    Kodak film and wood that’s rock
    And so much more

    So hurry ‘fore it’s too late
    Befor we shut the door and lock it
    We’ve one more thing to trap
    It’s that quarter in your pocket

  8. dorannrule says:

    Cassie is an adorable, funny, adventurous pup. I can tell. I love her from far away and cannot even give her a hug. But thanks for making me smile with your wonderful post. We lost our rescue dog last year around this time and miss her so.

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