Two Spider Webs

Early morning sun on two spider webs.
Two webs 1From a little farther away, you can see a shadow makes part of the front one almost invisible.
Two webs 2Paseo del Rio, near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA.

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10 Responses to Two Spider Webs

  1. Great photos. Very matrix-like.

  2. karenrsanderson says:

    If I could have pressed “like” twice, I would have. Wonderful photos!

  3. Aspen says:

    This is just too Cool !!

  4. kocart says:

    I found two webs the other morning before the dew burned off and I tried to get them both in the photo but the light was not right. One was blurry in the background–a smaller web, a little off to the side. But it still made a striking impression. It’s great to see you exploring this subject–it is a favorite and you do it very well.

  5. Mary Katherine says:

    What Aspen said!

  6. Eve Elting says:


    Eve Elting


  7. dorannrule says:

    A glimpse into another world!

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