Street Light Rain

From the porch at 2 AM.
street light rain

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6 Responses to Street Light Rain

  1. Aspen says:

    Excellent ! Love the hint of splash at the source of light.

  2. robert87004 says:

    rain is always nice in NM and a really good photo too.

  3. kathy claycomb says:

    The sheets of rain put me in mind of braided hair let out of the braids, with the ripples in it.

    I remember traveling across the country in 1971, from having gotten married in Michigan to the new spouse’s Navy duty station in San Diego, which was my first experience of the desert. We watched some big rain clouds dump out some rain, but it all evaporated before it hit the ground. I thought it was very unfair of Mother Nature to taunt people in that way.

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