Roadrunner 2014

Amazing that I can identify the roadrunner by the year – I haven’t seen one in my yard since March 2013.  So I was delighted when this rather frantic one came hunting doves near the feeder.  Raced after several, but never got very close.  And then as if trapped in a sunbeam, it stretched out showing off its feathers.  And then was off again.
roadrunner aug

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9 Responses to Roadrunner 2014

  1. Fantastic shot. It’s funny how one year we will be overrun with road runners, we won’t see them much to them for several years, then we start seeing them again.

  2. Aspen says:

    GREAT CATCH, DONNA !! Beautiful !!

  3. Tom says:

    I’ve never seen a roadrunner do that! But I am impressed with our neighbors who have retained a pair of roadrunners by providing a daily feeding of raw hamburger. They, from a distance, follow her to the avocado tree stump which serves as their table.

  4. vera ersilia says:

    poor thing: I hope he/she is okay !

  5. Jandy says:

    What a coincidence. Just last night I was watching an episode of QI and they showed a road runner and said it was a member of the cuckoo family.
    We don’t have them in Oz so my experience with them up til now is from watching cartoons – yours looks so much better!

  6. Victor Ho says:

    I am impressed by this shot. It would be considered very special if I got it. It’s not an image you have an opportunity to capture often.

  7. First LIVE Roadrunner I have ever seen! Only remember the cartoon when I was a kid many moons ago! Didn’t realize then it was a real creature of Mother Earth! How wonderful you were gifted with a show of his/her plumage!

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