But Not In Wet Weather?

Road signs need to convey a message quickly as you drive by.  They should not leave one puzzling over their meaning.  And requiring a U-turn to go back and figure out what is meant.  I still don’t know about this one.

road may floodPalomas Canyon, New Mexico, USA.

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13 Responses to But Not In Wet Weather?

  1. SherriS. says:

    Oh my! I would have pondered over that one too. Definitely u-turn required.

  2. Terry Beck says:

    Maybe you could have asked the “cattle guard”, a little further down the road.

  3. kathy claycomb says:

    Reminds me of a photo I took once at a T intersection. One arrow pointed left, and one arrow pointed right. They were on separate signs, but positioned so they pointed at each other.

  4. Aspen says:

    LoL ! Tho folks in Monticello would get it. They have seen the creek bed instantly flood on a beautiful day when storms are happening up in the Black Range.

  5. My favorite so far is at the intersection of two dirt tracks in the next valley east of Death Valley. After 25 miles where our top speed was 10 mph and during which we saw no signs of life, wild or otherwise, there was a sign “Slow for Wildlife”.

  6. vera ersilia says:

    Twisted way of saying this road is now dry but may flood in wet weather…. I though that the classic was simply ‘watch for flooding” or something like that … I’ll google ‘road signs’ to see what it is officially – but this one is certainly imaginative …

  7. vera ersilia says:

    Hey, I just got an education in road signs: the simplest most efficient about potential floods is from California: it says: SUBJECT TO FLOODING in a yellow diamond. But some sign makers wax poetic…or enigmatic.

  8. Jackson says:

    There’s an odd one near Chilili, NM that simply reads “Event Ahead.” That one’s always been high on my list of enigmatically unhelpful road signs. I also like glaringly obvious “Hill Blocks View,” just in case you couldn’t figure out where the view went.

  9. dorannrule says:

    Good one Donna! The sign is definitely “a puzzlement,” 🙂

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