n cover 2My best friend is moving to San Diego today.  Something about kids and promised grandkids and living at the beach.  I don’t get it.

Well, of course, I do, I just don’t like it.

With inspiration from a wonderful photographer, Viv Halliwell,  I made a photo book of our adventures over the last few years.  I used Blurb.com which is pricey, but makes a good quality book. Here are some sample pages.

n el morro 1a
n road trip 2aan hike 1bn fiesta 1bHow could she give up this and these folks just to watch the Pacific Ocean from Sunset Cliffs with her kids?
Happy trails, pal.


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5 Responses to Farewell

  1. Aspen says:

    Beautiful collection of memories. Caused me to tear up too. Adding my best wishes to Nancy’s next phase of adventures, however they certainly won’t compare to yours and hers.

  2. Terry Beck says:

    She can adopt more kids but best friends are special. This is officially your saddest post. Maybe someone better will take her place, ha! Very nice looking pages. I hope your void is filled quickly and I am sure she will grow tired of those crazy Californians and be back.

  3. KathyClaycomb says:

    Very nice photos and memory book pages, and what wonderful adventures you’ve shared! What a super gift…hopefully you and she will have occasional visits in the future. Good thing it’s San Diego she’s moving to.

  4. It’s always hard to say goodbye, harder still to be the one left behind…
    Maybe some backroads will include a trek to CA?

  5. I so know how you feel Donna my friend moved to Spain and sometimes Skype doesn’t fit the bill.

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