Broken Window


Maybe it’s time to stop photographing broken windows when I start seeing things in the shapes.  This one is definitely a running pig.  Unless, of course, you see something else.broken window

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14 Responses to Broken Window

  1. kocart says:

    I saw a pig in it before I read your caption. It’s a pig. So I had better stop staring at broken windows, too.

  2. I definitely see the pig! Nice shot.

  3. Kathy Claycomb says:

    It’s a running pig from here, too! I’m curious as to the object INSIDE the window. Any idea what it is (was)?

  4. robert87004 says:

    Now I want to know what that pig was chasing, in that next pane. 🙂

  5. vera ersilia says:

    Truly clever even if you did not break the window pane into that shape … now, a project would be to actually break framed glass panes into other interesting figures … no ? name of the exhibition : ‘Windows Installation’ …

  6. This is terrific-I see a pig as well-

  7. Eve says:

    Funny that I should see a pig..

  8. dorannrule says:

    The hint is perfect. Of course it’s a flying pig! 🙂

  9. Douglas Crews says:

    Facing left, it’s a running pig. Facing right, it’s a *flying* pig!

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