Pie Town Garage For Sale

It needs a bit of work, but this garage in Pie Town is right on the highway and very close to Pie-O-Neer pie shop (a huge plus).
shingled garageAnd it has these fine shingles.  Everywhere.shinglesPie Town, New Mexico, USA.

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9 Responses to Pie Town Garage For Sale

  1. John Linn says:

    The building has possibilities! (of falling down).

  2. Cool shot. The building is awesome and I love the long shadows.

  3. Photos close to home says:

    In 1940, Russell Lee took a famous series of photographs of Pie Town for the Farm Security Administration.

  4. Eve says:

    Perfect for a new investment! Love it.

  5. Kathy Claycomb says:

    I suppose someone else has already claimed the gas pumps.
    I am intrigued by all the sand around the building (no visible asphalt or concrete), like it just popped up through the ground after a hard trip.

  6. Excellent B&W conversion.

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