New Old Windmill

It might be strange, but I enjoy using my newest camera to take photos and then alter them with the latest software on the computer to make the image look like an old damaged photograph.

old windmill

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9 Responses to New Old Windmill

  1. Really love the look you have created here.

  2. That’s really cool. I went on a local photography excursion the other day and took a ton a of pictures. I have been editing them (learning how to use our software) and I thought it was great that we can do whatever we want to a photo! I love the old photo look. I like the black and white look and just darkening stuff. I plan to publish a few on my blog when I pick the best ones.

  3. madelincwolf says:

    This really blows me away! (no pun intended)

  4. Carola says:

    This is really great!

  5. What ever floats your boat! Nice work!

  6. Nicely done-I love the processing you are doing here-

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