Next 1/2 Miles

Now this looks as if I photoshopped the sign into the image, but the sign is really there – out there in the middle of nowhere.  More than 1/2 mile from any road.  Besides the sign makes little sense and worse grammar.  It’s on an unused mountain bike trail, so maybe it’s mountain cyclist humor.  If I were going to add a sign to an image, I hope I could find a funnier one.

next 1:2 miles

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9 Responses to Next 1/2 Miles

  1. Aspen says:

    LOL I would read this as the next 1/2 mile the conditions will be like this… (painful on a bike …!) Great find, Donna !

  2. Douglas Crews says:

    It think the message is “Invisible roadsigns next 1/2 miles”. Very dangerous for bicyclists moving at high speed.

  3. dorannrule says:

    I wonder how many people go by that sign wondering what it’s all about. Great discussion point for killing time on a long journey.

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