That Tank

rusty tank with treesFog is a feature often missing from my New Mexico photos.  So in Washington state I was thrilled to have a morning on a foggy beach – the light is so different, so soft.  In the distance I saw some trees almost silhouetted against the fog.  But there was a blocky building of some sort right in the middle.  Not appealing.  Until I got closer.

This was the most amazing tank (or whatever) – gorgeous rust and holes.

rusty tank 1

rusty tank 2

rusty tank 3

I didn’t really get a good photo of the trees – I was infatuated with the tank.

rusty tank texture 1

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3 Responses to That Tank

  1. John Linn says:

    Great textures. A mystery like this is always a great find.

  2. Donna – these are great photos! The softer light really made a difference.

  3. wonderful textures-I am like you-give me a bunged up, rusted out piece of junk to photograph over nature– the junk gets photographed first-

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