New Photography Class

I’ve signed up for another online photography class – I’m sort of addicted to them.   Mostly to signing up, not to finishing.  But this class, Photoshop Artistry: Fine-Art Grunge Composition, has me totally involved.  In fact, I’m sneaking ahead because I want to try out some of the new techniques I’m learning.

My first attempt is a little macabre, but it’s where the muse took me.  I used one of the watch photos from an earlier post.

time waitsThis one used several photos that I took at the beach at Indianola, Washington.

shell on beach keyThis is as close as I’ve gotten to being able to create the images I want – it’s very exciting!

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3 Responses to New Photography Class

  1. I have been hearing fabulous things of this class…its on my bucket list.

  2. Looking forward to see what else you produce, love the “Time Waits”!

  3. Thank you for the “like” to my blog post which, in turn, helped me discover your fascinating blog. Your photos and reflections of New Mexico are special.

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