El Capitan High School 50 Years Later

I visited my old high school last week – 50 years after graduating!  We are both still in pretty good shape.  The Class of ’63 was the first to complete all four years at El Capitan – it was a new high school in 1959 when we were freshmen and that was our claim to fame.

el cap compass

Finding my way at the old school.

el cap locker

The lockers still line the halls, but they are permanently locked.

el cap steps

The school is built on a hillside – lots of steps between the levels.

el cap sci

Several new buildings including this Science complex.

el cap signLots of memories from these grounds.



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9 Responses to El Capitan High School 50 Years Later

  1. Doug Crews says:

    As a fellow graduate (21 years after your footsteps adorned the halls), thanks for posting these. My hazy recollection of my single year there sees it in a pretty run-down condition, but clearly they’ve put some effort into sprucing up the place since then.

  2. I visited my high school last year (class of 72) and it was torn down. Sob..what a shock to the system.

  3. Love the shot of the lockers!

  4. John Van Berkel says:

    Donna – it was good to see you again

  5. Vassilis says:

    Your school looks lovely, (or maybe it is your photographic skills that make it look good?)
    20 years after visiting my old school, nothing has changed, not even the wall color. It looks exactly the same and I guess pretty much like it looked when it was first built by the Greek junta in the early 70ies. Like a prison.

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