Sunset Smoke Silver Fire

Silver Fire smoke

This was our view late in the afternoon a few days ago.  Smoke from the Silver Fire – strangely beautiful but not good for air quality.  Sometimes it stay up high and heads for west Texas; sometimes it drops and fills the valley.

Looking from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico southwest towards the Black Range.

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4 Responses to Sunset Smoke Silver Fire

  1. Nice composition, as though the plume of smoke turns at the silhouette of the tree. It can’t be good when that smoke fills the valley, though. We have wildfires here in the Languedoc but nothing as big as this, luckily.

  2. Frank says:

    We’re seeing hazy sunsets here in Nebraska due to smoke from CO and NM.

  3. jia apple says:

    the tree reminds me of black lace.
    interesting note about extremes, danger, destruction… often comes great beauty as well as enduring learning.

    • And also brings out the best (and worst) in people. I think this fire is doing a lot of good in the forest – it needed to burn. And it will do a lot of damage. I like the phrase ‘enduring learning’ – very true for this.

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