Ghost Bike

Just east of Albuquerque there is a ghost bike for James M. Quinn.

ghost bike 1


Ghost bikes are always a sobering experience for me.  It’s staggering how many there are.

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4 Responses to Ghost Bike

  1. Donna – James Quinn’s story is tragic – he sounded like such a promising young man.

    I’ve only seen a few ghost bikes, and have photographed just this one (

  2. Biking is dangerous, especially, if like many people I see, you don’t wear a helmet.
    A pass a ghost bike every day near my house….

  3. There’s a ghost bike at an intersection close to my home in San Antonio. I think about it everyday when I drive past.

  4. Biking around Athens, Georgia now for a number of years, I’ve had my share of inevitable near misses. Thank you for sharing these haunting memorials. Hopefully they serve as somber traffic calmers. Take care out there (and ALWAYS wear a helmet).

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