Tinkertown Museum

The old guidebook said Tinkertown was not to be missed.  It’s billed as a collection of collections and is quite amazing.  It’s just off Highway 14 east of Albuquerque, New Mexico on the way to Sandia Peak.

tt int wall

It’s best known for the carvings done by Ross Ward who was creative and prolific.  There are several huge cases exhibiting detailed scenes – jam-packed with carvings.

tt carvings

I liked the bottle walls and decorations.

tt wall

tt roofline

tt windowtt greentt bottle up


Definitely worth a visit.

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3 Responses to Tinkertown Museum

  1. I love these sorts of roadside attractions!

  2. Peter S says:

    We go to New Mexico every other year, we’ll have to check this out next time!

  3. anisja rossi says:

    Great find , very well captured.

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