St. Michaels Mission 1891 & 2013

My great-grandfather’s brother, Thomas Cation (T.C.) Duncan was a prominent homeopathic doctor in Chicago is the late 1800s.  He made a trip with patients to Santa Fe, New Mexico in March 1891.  I put more of that story and more photos on my genealogy blog.

sf collage 1

T.C. took many photos and a few have survived.  They are circular images on heavy cardboard, probably filmed with a Kodak No. 2 camera.  This is a fascinating camera – it held 60, 100, or 150 exposures and the film was loaded and processed at the factory.

sf collage 2 Last weekend I tried to duplicate his photo of St. Michael’s Mission, but could not get the same angle and distance.  Santa Fe has grown considerably!

TC SF san miguel church

This is T.C.’s photo showing St. Michaels Mission, built in the early 1600s, supposedly the oldest church in the US.

st michael frame

This is my photo trying to get as close to the angle of T.C.’s photo.

st michael dist

This is closer to the original, but you can see some of the obstacles to getting the same shot.

Also in T.C.’s photo on the left is a small blocky building.  This is the De Vargas Street house, built in 1646.  Here’s a current photo.

sf oldest house

sf st michaels

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One Response to St. Michaels Mission 1891 & 2013

  1. I would think that the photo archives of the NM History Museum would be very interested in the early photos of Santa Fe. I love your re-creations.

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