Three Rivers School

3 Rivers school


This bright red schoolhouse at Three Rivers, New Mexico really stands out.  I’ve muted the red a little and made the rest of the photo monotone – really helps get rid of the junky stuff around the pristine building.

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5 Responses to Three Rivers School

  1. jia apple says:

    This is really a cool shot. Love what you have done here…

  2. What program did you use to fix the photo? It’s beautiful.

    • Mostly RadLab to choose a black and white type (they have so many!) and then Photoshop Elements for a layer to bring back some of the red. Also RadLab does the darkened corners. I learned most of this from Kim Klassen’s Photoshop Elements class at

      • Writing this down! I’ve never heard of RadLab and am checking out the class, too!

      • Kim’s classes were good for me – learned a lot about Photoshop Elements which I had used for years. Also learned to use textures – very fun. I don’t make photos anything like hers, but the techniques I learned were great. She got me on to RadLab, too – it goes on sale every once in a while. Good luck – I look forward to seeing your results!

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