Porcupine Soles

porcupine feet


Roadkill is a blog topic I have not written about – until today.  I saw my first porcupine – unfortunately quite dead.  But its feet were so cute – almost like human’s animal slippers – complete with the hole in the sole.

porcupine head

You might think it was sleeping…  I was surprised to see how long its hair was and how short the quills.  Anyway, I’m sorry it died, but am grateful for the chance to see one up close.  Safely.


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9 Responses to Porcupine Soles

  1. diofoxx says:

    I have never seen their feet, interesting! I hope you get to see one alive at some point. I was walking through the woods at the age of like 11 and saw something waddling back and forth through the trees. It ended up being a porcupine, and they are so interesting to watch walk…from a distance. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Esther says:

    I saw one in Yellowstone several years ago. It was nearly dusk and I just assumed it was a pile of dead needles in the crotch of a tall pine…until it moved. Later I saw it waddling towards some tall grass. But there was no way to get close to it.

  3. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    Your description of the porcupine feet is a good one.

  4. Aspen says:

    Wow. Amazing ! Closest I’ve been to a porcupine was a bag of quills from a road kill my cousin found in Alaska. Beautiful animal.

  5. horsewelfarenews says:

    My dog has seen porcupines up close one time too many LOL. If your dog ever gets hammered by quills, if you cut the tips of the quills off they’re easier and less painful to pull out of your dogs poor face. You think they’d learn after the first time!

  6. gwennym says:

    You’ll probably think I’m gross and morbid, but I would keep an eye on the carcass until it started to mummify or decompose then, when it was mostly bone, I’d take the skull home for further cleaning and display in my “curiosity cabinet.”

    I LOVE the photo of it’s cute little feet, though, very sweet.

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