Roadrunner in Juniper

roadrunner juniper 1

Enjoying a morning cup of tea, I was surprised to hear a loud raspy bird noise.  I looked several times before the sun finally reached and revealed a roadrunner in the juniper just above my porch eaves.   Roadrunners are large birds – up to 24″ long and quite awkward in trees.  But I think Spring has caused this one to go to extremes to find a mate.  It stayed there at least an hour.  BTW the bird books describe their ‘song’ as cooing.  This was not cooing – more like a squawk!  A desperate coo.

roadrunner juniper 2I like this shot because the tail shows.  I hope this energetic, bold bird finds a mate.

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5 Responses to Roadrunner in Juniper

  1. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    Beautiful, clear close-up of a fascinating bird. I’ve read that Roadrunners are very well suited to the desert environment.

  2. We have them in our yard!

  3. Stuart says:

    Thanks Donna for visiting my blog. Your Roadrunner post/pic prompted me to recall meeting a few Roadrunners when living in Arizona. I’m going to post the notes I made when I edit them a little. Your blog is fantastic…..THANKS….

    • Thanks – I’ll look for your roadrunner post. The one roosting near my porch stayed about 3 weeks. Five days ago it didn’t return. I hope that means it found a mate. Looking forward to little roadrunners!

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