Shelter Animals

Shelter dog

Last month I volunteered to take photos of animals in the local shelter and post them locally in hopes of finding home for them.  These are a few of the shots I took then.

3 dog collage

The old Great Dane found a foster home; the Chow and Belgian Shepherd found permanent homes.

shelter casey 3

But Casey, the boxer, was euthanized – or to be more blunt, killed because someone thought there was no hope of her being adopted.  She was well trained, spayed, and had all her shots.  She wasn’t given much of a chance.

shelter greta 2 shelter poodle chi 1

The cute little dog found a home, but Greta the calico is still in the shelter.

 blue eyed cat

And the blue-eyed cat was put down along with too many kittens – there are always too many kittens.

I found all of this very depressing.  I didn’t think enough was being done to find homes.  And now we have another plan.  It’s just to get a few animals listed on  It will be a volunteer team effort since the shelter workers seem to not have time for this.  Wish us success.

My own happy ending is that I found a buddy at the shelter this week.  This is Cassie who has come to live with me.  She’s a corgi/heeler mix – my favorite!


One dog at a time is all we seem able to do, and yet there are so many that need homes.  Check your local shelter – you might find a friend.  And that dog or cat will find a happy ending.

It turns out I’m posting this on Aunt Barb’s birthday – very appropriate because she loved dogs.  She would have been 94 today.

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4 Responses to Shelter Animals

  1. Aspen says:

    And my tears are streaming … sadness at the outcome of too many of these beautiful four-leggeds and happiness that you found another buddy.

    There are a few shelters that go the next step and take the un-adopted and give them a home while still promoting their availability. So, check out Rescue shelters as well ! And YES, VOLUNTEER !!

  2. Donna, You have a real talent for photographing dogs and a really big heart. I am sorry that all the dogs and cats could not have found permanent homes. But, they are lucky to have found such a wonderful advocate with the power to change things for the future. And Cassie has found a wonderful home.

  3. I take some comfort in knowing we rescued several shelter dogs and kitties over the years..but it is still so sad, isn’t it?

  4. Taking your great photos ( and videos!) and putting them up on Petfinder with their info, plus sharing them through Facebook will give them all a greater chance at finding an appropriate home. Promoting low cost spay/neuter, foster care and reduced fees on older animals and black dogs and black kittens also helps.( or which ever color or breed is predominate in your shelter)
    I also volunteered at a shelter 10 years ago that had no computer and no time to do the photo and the uploading. The adoption rate went from 20% to 70% in 2 weeks and stayed there for months and then increased! ! You are a shelter angel. Do your best. Think about making an annual calender of shelter dog/cat photos to raise funds for dog hammocks, kongs, s/n, etc etc.
    When there is a purebred dog at the shelter, do 2 things: First, get a copy of the dog license list from your town clerk (and surrounding towns too) and contact people who ALREADY have that breed of dog (example: Boxer). Let them know there is a boxer at risk of being euthanized and ask them to spread the word. 2nd–contact the local (Boxer,) rescue in your state. Hopefully your shelter will work with rescues. I also suggest leaving a list of available animals ( with attractive colorful photos) on the bulletin board of every veterinarians office. Update them every week.
    Put a photo in your local paper every week ( Pet of the Week).dress them up with a hat or scarf.
    I have used all these techniques to place animals in my own shelter when I was an ACO and NOW for the dogs in my rescue. You WILL make progress.
    Keep posting your shelter photos here with the real stories.
    Congrats on finding your lucky companion Cassie,

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