Fencing in a Marsh

marsh fence 2

Another photo from near Ramah, New Mexico.

Linking to Friday Fences.

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12 Responses to Fencing in a Marsh

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    pretty colors in that landscape.

  2. Rose says:

    I cannot help but think what a job that was to put that fence in!

  3. margaretbednar says:

    I like the photo… Can’t help wonder WHY a fence there. Perhaps those are cattle behind that tree on the right hand side and that explains it.

  4. Carletta says:

    I thought I left a comment here….
    Looks like the fence goes on and on. Wouldn’t want the job of keeping it mended. 🙂

  5. Ramona says:

    Looks pretty rough out there, but mighty impressive

  6. Beth says:

    wow, you can see for mile. great shot. ( :

  7. Tanya says:

    miles o’ fencing!

  8. Meggie says:

    You can almost imagine a wagon train crossing the land in your photo….rugged territory!

  9. Latane says:

    That’s an interesting shot. Lots of fence with nothing in sight to fence in.

  10. Janis says:

    What a looooooong fence!

  11. Marie-AZ says:

    Looks like NM! 🙂

  12. Sherry Galey says:

    Love the composition Donna!

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